Our pet first aid kit

We created our Pet First Aid kit in hopes to aid people in feeling more safe owning a pet. We wanted to make something affordable and helpful to the responsible pet owner. The best thing is, you can take it anywhere! On hikes, adventures, or the comfort of your home, our kits were made compact.

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led collar with attached id tag assist rescue workers in identifying your pet quickly because the id tag is sewn on! all you have to do is write the name and number, very easy, especially when time is limited. fact:

Written by two ASPCA experts and published in the September 2011 issue of Preventative Veterinary Medicine, the study found that while 80 percent of pet owners report that they believe it is either very or extremely important for animals to wear ID tags, only 33 percent of that population report always having ID tags on their pets. www.aspca.org

LED Collar with ID tag

This collar is for emergency use or can be used to walk your dog at night. More importantly it is ready to use in case you don't have an ID with collar ready.

Our Emergency pet first aid kits can assist all agencies of rescue

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