45pc Pet First Aid Disaster Kit, Emergency relief

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The Rayco™ Pet First Aid Disaster Kit is an essential item for the responsible pet owner. It can be used from everyday tick removals, insect bites, stopping small cuts from bleeding or if there is an emergency it can help until you are able to see your vet to also being super handy to grab and go in case a natural disaster occurs.

Our pet first aid kit is so compact that it can be easily stored in your home or car and is small enough to travel with you. It comes with all the necessary essentials you will need and unique to our kit, a flashing collar (LED)* with 3 settings and a writeable tag, saline solution, styptic pencil which is a hemostatic agent (that stops bleeding)... all in one convenient strong soft nylon carrying case.



Measurements Approximately: 8" x 7" x 3" inches

    The Kit Includes:
    • Conforming Gauze Rolls, M - 2pc.
    • High Elastic Bandage - 1pc.
    • Self Adhesive Bandage - 1pc.
    Small and Medium Gauze Dressing Pads - 2pc. each
    • Plaster Bandages - Various Sizes - 10pc.
    • Adhesive Patch 7cm and 10cm - 2pc.
    • Exam Gloves - 2pc.
    • First Aid Tape 2.5cm - 1pc.

    • Triangle Bandage - 1pc.
    • Metal Tweezers - 1pc.
    • Scissor 12.5cm - 1pc.
    • Ice Pack - 1pc.
    • Saline Solution - 1pc.
    • Thermal Foil Emergency Blanket (82”x 52”) - 1pc.
    Unique Tick remover - 1pc.
    • Antiseptic Wipes - 8pc.
    • Wooden Tongue Depressor - 1pc.
    • Disposable Plastic Syringe 10ml - 1pc.
    • Flashing Orange LED collar  - 1pc.
    • Collapsible Water Bowl - 1pc.
    • Tick Remover - 1pc.

    • First Aid Nylon Bag - 1pc

    as well as these unique items:

    • Flashing collar (LED) 3 settings with a writeable tag for pet name or owner info.  
    • Saline Solution
    • Styptic pencil (5 grams)