Cat First Aid Kit

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The Rayco™ Cat First Aid Kit is a new product to go along with our Pet First Aid Kit. Like our Pet First Aid Kit it is also a handy item for the responsible cat owner. Our new Cat First Aid Kit is used for everyday tick removals, insect bites, stopping small cuts from bleeding or in an emergency until you can visit the veterinarian. It is super handy to grab when traveling, evacuations due to natural disaster or simply having it handy in your car. Our Cat First Aid Kit is so compact that it can also easily be stored; and still have plenty of room to add your own items. It comes with all the necessary essentials you need and is unique to our kit, a Red Reflective Collar with bell (Adjustable kitty size), saline solution, styptic pencil, Tick removal tool, and we included a Cat Pop for kitty pleasure.  Cat's are unique and independent.  This is a new item and we would love hear feedback from you to help improve all of our products!